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Chemical peels are used to gently remove the top layers of skin and thus refine the complexion with the best possible tolerability. The skin relief becomes even and finer, the natural cell renewal of the skin and its metabolism are stimulated. Damage caused by the sun decreases and the skin cells form increasingly water-binding hyaluronic acid and new elastic and collagen fiber bundles.
Natural cell renewal

The chemical peels are excellent for treating comedones (blackheads) and papules and pustules (acne vulgaris), small scars, pigment disorders, older dull or rough skin, wrinkles and chronically sun-damaged skin.

Depending on the individual indication, different peels are used: fruit acid peels (superficial removal), salicylic acid peels (superficial to medium removal) or retinol peels (medium to deep removal).

Before starting a peeling treatment, a 2-week application with a fruit acid cream should be carried out to ensure optimal results.

You will feel a slight tingling or burning sensation on your skin during the peeling. Afterwards, the skin may be a little red, like after a light sunbath, or feel a little warm. We then use a skin-soothing, moisturizing mask. After just a few days, depending on the peeling, the skin may flake off slightly.

Several repeat treatments at intervals of 1 – 4 weeks are recommended. More intense sunbathing should not be done for up to four weeks after the last treatment.