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Emerge TM Laser: Fractional diode laser for skin rejuvenation

The Emerge TM laser generates a high-energy, fractionated laser light (in contrast to a Fraxel CO2 laser without external damage to the skin’s surface) and thereby sets fine coagulation columns in the skin, from which the body’s own new collagen is produced again. The skin immediately looks fresher and smoother. The laser works best in hydrated skin, so we combine every Emerge TM Laser treatment with a JetPeel treatment to ensure the best results.


Skin resurfacing

The laser is used as the main indication for skin rejuvenation (skin resurfacing), as well as for other indications such as the treatment of stretch marks and pigment disorders. The treatment lasts an hour, after which the skin is a little red for a day and feels a little rough for a few days. Let us advise you and make an appointment!