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Mesotherapy is a fascinating and effective treatment method that originated in France. Here, special, high-quality active ingredients that are individually tailored to the skin are introduced into the skin by means of the finest micro-injection.


With the MesoLift, high-quality active ingredients (non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants) are introduced into the surface layers of the skin and revitalisation and smoothing of the skin is achieved. 3-5 treatments are carried out at 14-day intervals.


Mesotherapy is also suitable for treating hair loss (MesoHair). Here, innovative active ingredients (thymus extract, vitamins, antioxidants) are introduced precisely to the hair root and thus supply the hair root with new energy. We recommend 6 sessions at weekly, later monthly intervals. This is followed by continuation to maintain the success of the therapy at 1-2 month intervals.