Dr. Thomas Walther


Dermatologists (Dermatologists)
in Ulm on jameda
Focal points

Skin cancer prevention
Digital image analysis, artificial intelligence (AI)
Pediatric dermatology
Ambulatory Operations
Laser therapy
Photodynamic Therapy

Membership in professional societies

BVDD (Professional Association of German Dermatologists)
DGDC (German Society for Dermatosurgery)


Even as a student, I found diseases of the skin very interesting, because with a lot of experience you can achieve a lot in terms of diagnosis and therapy just by looking at the skin and asking about the history. Especially with regard to skin cancer, which occurs more and more frequently and also in younger people, you can save lives without major equipment expenditure, not least by taking thorough precautions! It always made me incredibly happy when, during my work as a doctor at the University Hospital in Regensburg, in the practice in Lohr am Main or here in Ulm, I was able to tell the patients treated or operated on that the skin cancer could be treated or removed in good time, what fortunately was and still is the case for the vast majority of patients. My goal is to find a solution for the sometimes very complex changes in your skin! I take my time for that!

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