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Eyelid tightening without surgery (Blefaroplasma ®)

This is a new, minimally invasive method for eyelid lifting using plasma.
In medicine, plasma is used to sterilize instruments; on earth, plasma is found in thunderbolts and the northern lights.
Plasma treatment

With the Plasmage treatment, ionized air (plasma) is used to sublimate (evaporate) the excess superficial skin with pinpoint accuracy, without damaging the deeper layers of the skin. The excess skin of the eyelids is reduced precisely and with few side effects, without any surgery. Overcorrection, as may be the case with surgery, is ruled out. The Plasmage treatment (Blefaroplasma®) is carried out after applying a local anesthetic cream and lasts around 40 minutes. After the treatment, there is slight swelling of the eyelids for a few days and small punctiform crusting for 5-7 days. The result is visible quickly, the skin is tightened and the look more awake. If the findings are pronounced, the treatment can be repeated after 8 weeks.