Dr. Nicole Kress-Egner

Hautärztin Dr. Nicole Kress-Egner

Dermatologist, allergology

Dermatologists (Dermatologists)
in Ulm on jameda
Focal points

General dermatology
Skin cancer prevention
Digital image analysis, artificial intelligence (AI)
Ambulatory Operations
Laser therapy
Photodynamic Therapy
Botulinum therapy
Hyaluronic Acid Therapy

Membership in professional societies

ÄDA (Medical Association of German Allergists)
BVDD (Professional Association of German Dermatologists)
DDG (German Dermatological Society)
DGBT (German Society for Botulinum Therapy)
DGDC (German Society for Dermatosurgery)


Are you looking for professional and individual advice and support? So you are at the completely right place! After completing my specialist training as a dermatologist at the University of Regensburg, I have had my own practice in Ulm since 2001. I take great pleasure in my work and, with my many years of experience and passion, I pursue a holistic individual therapy concept based on the latest scientific findings. With the highest medical expertise, I offer you a wide range of services in classic and surgical dermatology and laser medicine using the latest technologies. In particular, skin cancer prevention and early detection plays an important role. From an aesthetic point of view, I offer you a wide range of skin rejuvenating treatments. I’ll make sure you leave the practice radiant!

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