Team Hautarztpraxis Hirschstrasse in Ulm

Our team


The team at the Hirschstrasse dermatology practice is looking forward to your visit. You will find us in the Hirschapotheke medical center on the 4th floor. The practice can be reached at ground level via the entrance to the Ärztehaus Hirschapotheke (Hirschstr. 21/23) and has 2 elevators. We recommend parking in the multi-storey car parks: Deutschhaus, Neue Mitte or in the Fischerviertel. From the main train station it is only 5 minutes to us.

We are an appointment booking practice in order to keep your waiting time in the practice as short as possible. In urgent and acute cases, we will of course try to accept you at short notice.


Hautärztin Dr. Nicole Kress-Egner

Dr. Nicole Kress-Egner

Dermatologist, allergology

Hautarzt Dr. Alexander Glässl

Dr. Alexander Glässl

Dermatologist, Allergology

Hautärztin Dr. Monika Wimmershoff

Dr. Monika Wimmershoff


Hautarzt Dr. Thomas Walther

Dr. Thomas Walther