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jet peel

Exclusive skin rejuvenation and deep cleansing

With the JetPeel , an innovative skin rejuvenation device, we conjure up a radiant and fresh appearance for you.


Mesotherapy is a fascinating and effective treatment method that originated in France. Here, special, high-quality active ingredients that are individually tailored to the skin are introduced into the skin by means of the finest micro-injection.

Microdermabrasion with the Reviderm Skin Peeler

With the Reviderm Skin Peeler, we gently and precisely remove the top layers of skin in a controlled and controlled manner using a micro-fine jet of crystals. You will be amazed by your soft and even skin after just one treatment.


cell growth and regeneration

The micro-needling method uses the principle that the tissue regenerates itself immediately in the event of the smallest injury. The beauty of your skin is activated with micro-needling through cell growth and regeneration.


Chemical peels are used to gently remove the top layers of skin and thus refine the complexion with the best possible tolerability.

Emerge TM Laser: Fractional diode laser for skin rejuvenation

The Emerge TM laser generates a high-energy, fractionated laser light (in contrast to a Fraxel CO2 laser without external damage to the skin’s surface) and thereby sets fine coagulation columns in the skin, from which the body’s own new collagen is produced again.