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Botox Treatment

Forehead wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet as well as fine lines and wrinkles on the sides of the eyes are caused by unconscious permanent tension in the mimic muscles. The injection of botulinum leads to relaxation of the mimic muscles by reducing the activity of the affected muscles. Wrinkles and wrinkles are smoothed out. You will look much fresher after a short time. Botulinum treatment can also improve migraines.


Botox treatment for migraines

Botox or botulinum toxin A is now also used very successfully for chronic migraines. Injections into certain neck and head muscles can make a very good contribution to preventing migraine attacks. We would be happy to inform you about the possibilities in a personal consultation.

Botox treatment for hyperhidrosis

Botulinum is also excellent for treating excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). We have been using this method successfully for many years. The effect begins after just a few days!

Botulinum is injected intradermally into the appropriate areas of excessive sweating using a very fine needle. The onset of action comes after about 3-5 days and lasts about six months after the primary treatment. The duration of action can be extended by up to a year with repeated applications.

Hyaluronic acid

The skin changes over the course of life. This process is amplified by external factors such as prolonged exposure to intense sunlight or smoking. In addition, the breakdown of endogenous hyaluronic acid is crucial.

Revitalisation and deep hydration

Hyaluronic acid stores moisture in the skin, stabilizes elastic and collagen fibers and can protect cells from free radicals. From about the age of 30, the elasticity and water storage capacity of the skin slowly loses. This is how the first wrinkles and lines appear.

In order to optimize skin vitality and elasticity, we use hyaluronic acid skin boosters for revitalization and deep hydration. Your skin is excellently hydrated and gains elasticity – for a radiant appearance.


Volume and contour

With highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid, not only individual wrinkles but also the entire facial contour can be optimized and a loss of volume can be compensated for in a targeted manner. By effectively building up volume using the latest fillers, we effectively counteract gravity and at the same time stimulate collagen production. In this way, the face can be gently and naturally modeled in three dimensions. The face immediately looks fresher, smoother and retains its natural look.

This very effective treatment against wrinkles with hyaluronic acid is uncomplicated. The fillers are injected under the wrinkles with fine needles and fill them up gently from below – with a success that you can see immediately. To enable painless application, numbing creams or local anesthesia are possible, but not absolutely necessary. Since hyaluronic acid is produced biofermentatively, no allergy test is required before treatment.

PRP: platelet rich plasma therapy

PRP (platelet rich plasma) is a very natural method for skin rejuvenation, as PRP is extracted from your own blood.
Natural cell regeneration from your own blood

The highly concentrated thrombocytes and growth factors in it stimulate and activate the skin by inducing the body’s own regeneration processes. Wrinkles are reduced and the skin immediately gains shine and elasticity.

“Vampire Therapy”

PRP therapy is also known as “vampire therapy”. Since PRP is derived from your own blood, it does not contain any foreign or synthetic material.
It takes 30 minutes to make the concentrate. During this time, relax and allow the local anesthetic cream to take effect. The actual treatment also lasts 30 minutes, PRP is applied with the finest needles in or under the skin. At the end of the treatment, a cooling and skin-soothing fleece mask containing hyaluronic acid is applied.


Eyelid tightening without surgery (Blefaroplasma ®)

This is a new, minimally invasive method for eyelid lifting using plasma.
In medicine, plasma is used to sterilize instruments; on earth, plasma is found in thunderbolts and the northern lights.
Plasma treatment

With the Plasmage treatment, ionized air (plasma) is used to sublimate (evaporate) the excess superficial skin with pinpoint accuracy, without damaging the deeper layers of the skin. The excess skin of the eyelids is reduced precisely and with few side effects, without any surgery. Overcorrection, as may be the case with surgery, is ruled out. The Plasmage treatment (Blefaroplasma®) is carried out after applying a local anesthetic cream and lasts around 40 minutes. After the treatment, there is slight swelling of the eyelids for a few days and small punctiform crusting for 5-7 days. The result is visible quickly, the skin is tightened and the look more awake. If the findings are pronounced, the treatment can be repeated after 8 weeks.